This fund aims to ensure that our dedicated RFS members and their loved ones receive the necessary help when facing challenging situations. People involved in firefighting and other emergency situations risk their lives to support the community, and they, along with their families, require more support after significant fire events.

We encourage the public to donate to the RFS Benevolent Fund to provide needed aid for our brave RFS members and their families in times of hardship. By donating, you are directly supporting RFS members in need by bridging a gap where other support avenues fall short.

  • The public can donate through PayPal, direct debit, credit card, or otherwise in accordance with the RFS Benevolent Fund Donations Policy.
  • The RFS Benevolent Fund will accept donations from individuals, companies, organisations, brigades, private ancillary funds, foundations and other charities.
  • Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Return and Earn

The RFS Benevolent Fund has partnered with the ‘Return and Earn’ program to help firefighters and their families.